Important Things to Consider Before You Choose Vehicle Advertising for Your Business

Due to digital evolution it's now possible to get complex and very professionally prepared graphics for your business car or van using a sign writing company. A number of organisations have arisen to specialise in this area. What questions do you need to ask yourself and how do you make sure you choose the correct vendor?

Will Your Design Work Well on Your Vehicle?

You should take plenty of time to come up with your finished design and consider numerous options before going ahead. You need to be sure that the logos, text and images you incorporate "translate" well to the surface of the vehicle in question. They may look perfectly fine on a computer rendition, or on a piece of paper. However, note that logos or individual letters placed on curves could become distorted. In the worst case scenario they may become unreadable at a distance. This is why it's best to position any important imagery, lettering or logos so that they are applied to as flat a surface as possible on the vehicle.

Make Sure Your Vehicle is in Good Shape

Take the time to ensure that your vehicle is in perfect condition before considering the application of a digital sign or any kind of body wrap. You are projecting your company image for consideration by prospective clients and it makes no sense to put an important marketing message on a vehicle that is a bit rough around the edges.

Check the Working Temperatures at the Vendor's Shop

When you book your vehicle in for digital signwriting make sure you check the premises of the vendor first. The working area should be carefully temperature controlled. This really affects how the vinyl sticks to the surface. Manufacturers recommend that the temperature should be within the range of 21 to 25 Celsius. Any more or less and the film will not conform correctly and may become brittle.

...and Watch for Contaminants

Furthermore, the premises must be as free of dust as possible. If there are any contaminants on the body of the vehicle the bond between the surface and the adhesive will be suspect. Of course it goes without saying that the vehicle should be professionally washed and dried before being presented, but be careful to ensure that the vendor's premises is up to the job as well.

Find Out About Insurance

Finally, have a word with the vendors about specific insurance requirements related to this type of marketing campaign. In some jurisdictions insurance companies may consider this to be a "modification" and it could raise your premium accordingly.