4 Signage Options for Outdoor Weddings

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, you may already have picked out certain outdoor necessities. Something you may not have thought about yet is the signage for your reception and to direct the guests to the wedding itself. If you are still considering the best options for your wedding signage, consider the following four options.

French Style Chalkboard Signage

A popular signage option for outdoor weddings is to go with a shabby chic French style chalkboard. These offer the elegance of a French style outdoor wedding with the ability to personalise each sign for your needs. For example, you can use the signs to direct guests to the reception, changing areas for the wedding party, or to the parking area. If it rains and these locations change, you can easily erase the original directions on the signs and create new ones. They are simple and ideal if you need as much personalisation as possible.

Burlap Banner Signs

If you are going for a rustic or country style outdoor wedding, an ideal option are burlap banner signs. These are simple to store which makes them ideal to have made ahead of time. The burlap can usually be cut in any shape you like and each panel will have a letter. The letters can be printed directly onto the burlap and you also will have a keepsake that is easy to keep in storage and look back on for years.

Vintage Marquee Style

If you are going for a vintage classic style, then a vintage marquee look may be the ideal sign option for you. You can have a signage company arrive, hang and design the sign specifically for the wedding. This can have your names, the date, and other information that you want to see in lights. You can also choose from backlit options or the running light options famously known for showing off movie titles outside of cinema's around the globe.

Running Light Signs

If you are headed for a more modern approach you can go with a running light signage option. These signs offer the ability to have your information scroll through a large marquee type display. You can use these as a one-time showing option over the entire reception or as individual displays at different areas of the outdoor wedding reception and wedding itself.

Regardless of the type of signage you choose for your wedding, your local sign dealer can help you create what you need.