Key Factors Impacting the Design of Your Car Wraps

When you think of car wrapping as a type of car signage, then you'll understand why so many modern companies are using it to create and increase awareness about their business, its products and/or services. In addition, car wrapping is a cost efficient method of advertising because once installed, it eliminates the need to incur ongoing marketing costs.

The list of things to consider before deciding on the right vehicle wraps for your fleet is quite long, but here are a few crucial design factors you should be sure to include in your list.

Complexity of the graphic design

The amount of time and skill required to develop graphic designs for your car wraps vary depending upon your specific branding goals and requirements. The average graphic designer might do a swell job if your graphic design is simple and can be created within a day. A complex graphic design, on the other hand, will require the services of a car wrap design guru, and it can take up to several days to create. The need to add custom details can add to design complexities and increase design time, in turn, leading to substantial increment to the cost of vehicle wraps.

Size of the vehicles

Not all vehicle wrap substrates are equal in size, and so vehicle wraps come in different sizes, typically based upon the square footage required. If you manage a fleet of small cars, it might make good financial sense to fully wrap the vehicles, as only a small amount of wrapping sheets will be used on each vehicle. But if your vehicles are large, it might be more cost effective to wrap them partially. If you manage a mix of small and large vehicles and you want to maintain a consistent look while working on a small budget, partial wrapping may be the way to go! 

Expected lifespan

Car wraps also help protect the fleet's finish from the elements, but they eventually wear down after constant exposure to the elements. Because they are semi-permanent, car wraps will need to be removed at some point — it is just a matter of when you expect that to happen. Some wraps are more durable than others, so you should choose a product that matches your expected lifespan. And, the thicker the wraps, the more the beating they can take on an everyday basis.

Before opting for car wrapping, it is important for any company to carefully think through the design of their vehicle graphics, as it will impact how the targeted customers will perceive the business and the overall cost of car wrapping.