3 Vital Aspects to Consider When Designing Your Business Signs

Signage is your best friend if you're looking to inform people about your business and build your brand. But for business signage to work effectively, it must be properly designed. 

So, how can you create business signs that will grab the attention of your target audience and arouse a positive functional response? Here is a look at three top factors to take into account when designing your business signage. 


Although this might seem rather obvious, the importance of creating properly sized signage for your business can never be overstated. Many people don't often know how to go about choosing the best size for their signage. They simply take their best guess and hope they guess the right size. Unfortunately, even the best guesses don't guarantee success when it comes to picking sizes. 

The best way to properly size your signage is to decide on the size of your lettering and then match the signage to the size of the letters. This way, you won't have to limit the size of your letters to the dimensions of the signs. Remember, people read the text on a sign, not the signs themselves. 


Speaking of words, the words displayed on your signage must be easy to read. Otherwise, people won't give it a second look. Make sure the letters in the copy area are large enough for people to read your message at a glance. Also, select the right colour contrast for your signs. 

Generally, high-contrast signs, such as black on white or yellow on black, are easier to read than lower-contrast signs, such as yellow on white.


For signage to grab the attention of people, it has to be easily noticeable. Choosing a conspicuous location is critical, of course. But the signage itself should stand out from others in order to create visual interest. 

One of the easiest ways to make your signs visually interesting is to create enough contrast in your signage environment. Think about what colour contrast would make your signs shine apart from the others. 

If, for example, there is a large, black-on-white billboard sign placed just outside your business premises, and your company colours are yellow and black, then creating a yellow-on-black sign would be a great way to make your signage more conspicuous. 

Ultimately, it is what your signs say that will determine whether or not you work for you and your business. So, make sure the words displayed on signs are succinctly written. If you need help designing your signs, feel free to consult a professional signwriter.