How to Design the Perfect Shirt for Your Trade Show

When it comes to designing signage for your trade show stall, don't just stop at banners and standees—opt for customised apparel too. Having t-shirts printed for your appearance is a great way to boost your image, grab attention, and encourage sales. Of course, if you want your shirts to be effective, you need to design them well. Here are 3 top tips for creating the perfect trade show shirt.

Choose the Right Colour

The first thing to decide on when designing a shirt for your trade show appearance is the base t-shirt itself. Most online t-shirt printing services have t-shirts in a variety of colours, so you should have plenty of options to choose from. While black and white may seem like solid choices, bear in mind that they're also the most common. If you want your employees to stand out in the sea of monochrome shirts at the event, consider going for a bright colour. Choosing one of your brand colours is always a good move; it gives you a more professional image and helps your brand stick in your potential customers' minds.

Add Your Front Design

Once you have the base shirt colour decided, it's time to move on to the coming up with the main design for your garment. Usually, your main design should be your business logo and name. Readability is key to a successful trade show shirt, so make sure the design is clear and big enough to see from a distance. You should also pay attention to contrast; if you're using one of your logo colours as the shirt colour, consider opting for a black or white version of your logo so it doesn't get lost against the background. If your business has a snappy tagline, consider adding that to the front of your shirt too. A line that makes a customer laugh will help them remember you better.

Don't Waste the Back

It may cost a little extra to print on the back of your trade show shirts as well as the front, but it's worth the investment because it gives you double the advertising space. There are many designs you add to the back of a shirt. Why not consider a QR code, for example? That way, customers can scan your shirts before they leave the booth to quickly access your social media profile, website, or even a special deals page. Alternatively, if you have a unique selling point you're pushing at the trade show, use the back of your shirts to showcase it. Even a simple text design like "New Product Available Now" or "50% Off Today Only" can help grab attention and secure those sales.